This website is dedicated to our ancestor Humphrey Baker. Humphrey was born and baptized on May 4th, 1713 in Stourbridge, Worcester, England. Humphrey’s baptism is recorded in Old Swinford Parish church records, his parents were William & Elizabeth (Rogers) Baker. Humphrey left home at 16 years of age and signed on as an indentured servant giving his age as 18 on December 29, 1729. Humphrey left by way of London for the American colonies, his destination Maryland, his term of indenture was for for 6 years. Humphrey signed his name in his own hand.

Humphrey and Anna Baker had their son Thomas circa 1737. After 1734 Humphrey and his family had joined Scottish settlers of the Benjamin Borden Tract in Orange Co. Virginia. Many have speculated as to the maiden name of Anna wife of Humphrey Baker but please note – no documentation of her surname has been found by our Baker family as of this date. She was probably Scot-Irish as Humphrey was in the household of John Beall in 1733 Prince Georges Co, MD and a known associate of Francis McCowen and John McDowell in VA. Later Thomas Baker son of Humphrey and Anna Baker signed the Presbyterian call for Rev. Cummings in Washington Co, VA. His associations with Germanic neighbors: Stalnaker, Starnes, Carlock and Goldman came later on the Woods River about 1746.

By 1752 Humphrey Baker’s settlement was the most western of the Virginia frontier. On January 17, 1754 Humphrey and Ann had their son Robert Baker. It is written by historians that Robert Baker may have been the first white child born on the most extreme Virginia frontier which would later become Washington Co, VA. Robert Baker became a famous Methodist Preacher who died in Missouri.

This website is divided to these main sections-

  • Family, including individuals unconnected but verified through DNA testing
  • Family History of the events of Humphrey Baker’s life
  • Timeline of Humphrey Baker’s life
  • Documents, both transcriptions and scanned images
  • Pictures of people and locations (currently under construction)
  • Baker Family DNA Project if you are interested in having your DNA tested
  • Memorial in remembrance of family who have passed on
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  • Contact Information for researchers working on specific individuals

About 2003, the Baker DNA study began to open up doors for many Baker researchers who were seeking to learn more about their Baker ancestry. There was much information on the internet that lead people in circles regarding their family. A small group of people were starting to DNA match without knowing each other existed before this time. Bits and pieces started falling together. Many missing pieces were beginning to go together and lead to Humphrey Baker. We believe he would be proud of the extensive research his descendants have done since 2003.

Humphrey Baker’s descendants are very proud of their ancestor. We hope you will see why we want to honor him and his achievements in developing this Country

We have to give thanks to Norman L Baker, Delaplane, Fauquier County, VA who has done research on Humphrey Baker only to find out he was not his DNA ancestor. Norman has been very helpful and we want to let him know we appreciate his sharing his research information.

Malcolm Earl “Mike” Baker
Aug 30, 1928 – Jan 23, 2010
The first to DNA test for our Baker DNA Group
A tireless researcher who contributed invaluably to our research
God bless you Mike, we will miss you forever
Janet, Nadene, Meredith, Judy, Maggie, Mike E., John, Lori