Alexander Baker (b. before 1761)


Email: Janet Burks

Alexander Baker was born before 1761 in VA and resided in Washington Co, Virginia until 1786. He is listed on the 1782, 1783, 1785 and 1786 tax roll of Washington Co. VA within the Humphrey Baker settlement. Nothing more is known about Alexander Baker.

1783 Washington Co, VA Tax roll:
(Capt William Russell Prect)
John Kirk
Davis Starns (Starnes)
Enos Sutherland
Peter Starns [Note: Joseph Starnes is next to Alexander Baker in 1782]
{Willam Russell Jun.
{ALEXd BAKER 1-4-0
{John Huntsucher
Nicolas Huntsucher (Huntsucker)
James Anderson
Conrod Carlock
Peter Anderson
Robert Buchannan
Conrad Henniger
Col. Aaron Lewis

Other close neighbors on tax rolls of Humphrey Baker, John Baker and Alexander Baker are: John Minton, Ebenzer Minton, Jacob Hennegar, Jonathan Cunningham, William Cunningham, Joseph Starnes, Jacob Hise (Jacob Hice), George Hise, Alexander Meek, Isaac Meek, Joseph Meek, Samuel Meek, Francis Beattie, James Kincannon, James Hutton, William Edmundson (Edmondson), James Dysart and Robert Buchannan.

If anyone descends from an Alexander Baker who might be the same man please contact the Humphrey Baker family on this website. We welcome inquires about any Alexander Baker born in this time period.