George Baker, Sr. – History

born 1740 -1750

Janet Burks

George Baker Senior was born between 1740 and 1750 in Virginia the son of Humphrey Baker. One of the first records we find for George Baker as a young man is 18 March 1767 along with Humphrey Baker appointed to work on a road from Vance’s by Ingles Ferry to Peak Creek on North side of New River. In the Botetourt Co, VA tithables dated 16 June 1770 Robert Doak District listed “Head of Reed Creek to Stalnakers” Humphrey Baker and his sons of age are listed together: Humphrey Baker , Thomas Baker , John Baker and George Baker. George Baker Served in Dunmore’s War of 1774 from Fincastle Co. VA a member of Lt. William Edmundson ( Edmondson Company).

By 1773 George Baker was granted 82 acres of land adjacent to his father Humphrey Baker in Fincastle Co, VA (now Washington Co, VA). George’s 82 acres was part of a Loyal Company grant, on Waters of the Middle Fork of Holston River, beginning corner to a survey whereon Humphrey Baker lives on. George Baker’s property at Bakers Gap adjoined his father’s Loyal grant. His neighbor was William Cronkleton. Bakers Gap was the opening to cross Walker Mountains. George sold his property to John McCall before 1795 and the Gap then became known as McCalls Gap. (See photo of the Gap today in the picture section of this website.)

The petition in 1776 for the formation of Washington Co, VA was signed by George Baker and his brother Thomas Baker. During the American Revolution Humphrey Baker’s settlement became a marshaling area for public stores during the Revolution. Humphrey Baker and his sons served in the American Revolution with at least one if not all in the battle of Kings Mountain.

The Washington Co, VA 1782 tax rolls on microfilm shows George Baker and [Rev] Robert Baker adjacent in Major James Dysart precinct where George Baker was taxed on seven horses and seventeen cattle. His brother [Rev.] Robert Baker later removed to Greene Co, TN.

In 1791 Greene Co, TN it appears our George BAKER purchased 513 acres on Horse Creek with neighbors Samuel Beard, Francis Hughes, James Beard, James Graham , Sparling Bowman, James Davis, John Beard, William and Barnet Brumly, Lewis Broyles, Conrad Wilhite/Wilhoit , John Newman and Ralph Lotspiche. Samuel BAKER acquired a patent for 200 acres on Horse Creek in 1793. He had purchased a warrant on 15 April 1792 from Solomon Campbell. Samuel Baker’s land was adjacent to George Baker and John Bird. The chain bearers for the surveyor were John Bird and John Baker. One Mary Baker married John Bird in 1801 with Lewis Broyles bondsman. The last we find George and Samuel Baker on the tax roll of Greene Co, TN is on Penny’s 1798 tax list before they removed to the area of what later became Campbell Co, TN.

Greene Co, TN tax lists show two men named Samuel BAKER in this county at the same time. Samuel and George BAKER of Horse Creek are listed in Captain Penny’s list. Samuel Baker signs his deeds. The other Samuel Baker and a John Baker are found in White’s 1798 list. In White’s tax list of 1798 are Samuel Baker, John Baker, Moses Baker and Peter Baker. The Samuel Baker in White’s tax list sold land 1798 on Black Creek signs with his mark ”x”. Black Creek flows from the north into Lick Creek. This is vicinity of the “Old Concord Church” mentioned on Dr. Claude Baker’s web page. His ancestor was Samuel Baker found on White’s tax list. That locality is about 30 miles from the Horse Creek area. Dr. Baker’s family does not DNA match our Humphrey Baker group.

In May 1801 we find our George Baker Sr. as overseer of the road from Cross Mountain to James Ross’s with the list of hands to be given by Hugh Montgomery in Grainger Co Tax list.
Cross Mountain is in present day Campbell Co, TN. Micajah Cross and George Baker descendants intermarried. This area became part of Anderson Co, TN on its creation in December 1801 and then Campbell Co, TN at county formation in 1806. Scott Co, TN was formed from Campbell county and part of Anderson county in 1849. Jellico Creek fell into Scott Co, TN at that time. Grants were found in both Campbell Co, TN and Whitley Co, KY for George Baker and his sons as this was part of the disputed zone between Tennessee and Kentucky from Walker’s survey.

Some early neighbors and associates of George Baker Sr family in what became Campbell Co, TN are: Hugh Montgomery, Micajah Cross, Archibald Angel, Dennis Trammell, David Trammell, Joseph Christenberry, Sampson David and wife Martha David, Michael Cook, Frederick Smith, William Marcum, Aaron Whitecotton, Joseph Hatfield, David Hatfield, Julius Wilhite and wife Margaret Hise Wilhite, Joseph Hart, William King, Lewis Beard, George Hoover, Isaac Hoover, Robert Smith, Joseph Bird, Thomas King, John Hughes Sr, James Campbell, Joseph Campbell, John Brown, Jacob Bruton /Brewton, John Shoopman, Robert Smith, Evan Wallen, John Newman, Daniel Newman, Rueben Smiddy, James Wilson, Eli Wilson, Jeremiah Wilson, Benjamin Walker, Rosanna Catchum/Ketchum, John Anderson, William Douglass. David Doak, Thomas Doak, Joseph Carlock, Joel Meadows, Daniel Chitwood, William Chitwood, Pleasant Chitwood, Braxton Cox, William L. Lay and Joel Parrot.
1830 Campbell Co, TN census p 240
{GEORGE BAKER SR: males1/10-15, 1/30-40, 1/40-50, 1/80-90 females: 1/u 5, 1/30-40, 1/70-80
{SAMUEL BAKER: males: 1/u 5, 1/20-30, 1/50-60 females: 1/u 5, 1/20-30, 1/30-40, 1/50-60
{Hiram CRISSENBERY: [Christenberry] 1/u 5, 1/30-40 females 1/20-30 (Hiram Christenberry md Lucy Baker
dau of Robert Baker b 1773)