Other Baker Ancestors

Our Humphrey Baker family is researching the following Baker lines that resided in Campbell Co, TN and Scott Co, TN along with adjacent counties including Whitley Co, KY. These Baker ancestors are probably related to us. If you descend from one of these ancestors please contact us for more information.
Updated 30 Dec 2009
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BENJAMIN BAKER born before 1795 found in 1815 records with Michael Cook.

BENJAMIN BAKER born ca 1816 TN d by 7 Mar 1892. Left Will in Campbell Co, TN with John Douglas as executor. He married Sarah Vines on 9 Sept 1841 Campbell Co, TN. His daughter Sadi Baker had a son named son George. Another daughter living in 1892 was Julia Lynch. His mother may have been Comfort Baker died after 1870 census.
Who are these Young children enumerated with Benjamin Baker in the 1870 census?
Benjamin was in the Civil War listed as a Wagoner, Co I 2nd TN Cav
1870 Campbell Co ,TN  p 27 4th Civil Dist, PO Careyville, TN
33/32 BEN BAKER 54 Farmer TN
Sarah Vines Baker 44 VA
Tabitha Baker 27 TN
Sarah Baker 20 TN
Jacob YOUNG 12 TN Kate YOUNG 4 TN Sarah YOUNG 2 – TN Catherine YOUNG 6 – TN

ELIJAH D. BAKER born before 1795 found in court records between

DAVID BAKER born ca 1792 TN and died 1834 Campbell Co, TN. David Baker md Unknown. His daughter Kizah Baker married Caswell Crosss son of Micajah Cross. David’s estate was administrated by Dennis Trammell and wife Mary “Polley” Baker and later by his Uncle Edward Baker. It has not been determined who the father was of David Baker at this time. Primary buyers at his estate sale were: Richard Turner, Ursula Baker, Tabitha Marcum, Archibald Blankenship, David Trammel, Evan Walden [Evan Wallen], Thomas Chambers, Solomon Stephens, Wright Sartin, Archibald Angel, and Edward Baker.
1830 Campbell Co, TN p 238
D. BAKER male: 1/30-40 fem 1/u 5, 1/15-20, 1/40-50

GRANVILLE BAKER born unknown. In 1849 had a survey done on Jellico Creek, Whitley Co, KY.

WILLIAM HIRAM BAKER born 27 Mar 1825 Campbell Co, TN d 19 Dec 1902 Scott Co, TN. He md Elizabeth Davis dau of Wilson B. Davis. Hiram eEnlisted in Civil War, Pvt A Co Natl Guard East TN Michael Baker and Samuel Baker were in the same Union company.
Obituaries from The West Union Association united Baptists’ Minutes: ” Hiram Baker, born April 27, 1825, departed this life Dec. 8, 1902. Joined the church at an early age, and was a deacon of the church for many years. On his death bed he requested his wife to tell all the preachers: ‘I am going home to live with God in glory.” He leaves a wife and ten children to mourn his absence.”

1870 Scott Co, TN #74, District 7 Hiram Baker 46 TN Elizabeth Baker 44 TN Calvin Baker 19 TN Wilson Baker 17 TN Delana Baker 16 TNArmelda Baker 14 TN Adolphus Baker 12 TN Edward Baker 9 TN Granville Baker 8 TN Eliza Baker 4 TN Almeda Baker 1 TN

1880 Scott Co, TN 7th District; Jellico, pg 254a #182 Hiram Baker 55  TN Elisabeth Baker 55 TN Wilson Baker 26 TN Dolphos Baker 21 TN Ned Baker 18 TN Grandvill Baker 17 TN
Elijah Baker 13 TN Almedia Baker 10 TN Milton Baker 7 TN

Tabitha Baker b 1780 VA and Clary Baker b 1810 in the household of William Hiram Baker b 1825 of 1850 Scott Co, TN census.

1850 Scott Co, TN #80 (next door to George W Marcum and wife Mary Ann Hanks)
Hiram Baker 25 TN
Clary Baker 40 VA
Tabitha Baker 70 VA

Dorcus “Dart” Trammell born 19 Apr 1827 daughter of Bob Baker and Polly Trammell born 1793 (widow of James Trammell). Dorcus Trammell married Hugh Davis Sr. and had children by Caswell Cross husband of Kizah Baker Cross.

Nancy Walker, 1826 50 ac on Elk Fork adj an old survey of George Baker SR to include house she now lives

James Baker 29 Sept. 1831 and Fannie Standley. Fannie Madden had a son James born in 1819. James Baker raised him and wants to adopt him. Fannie has married William Standley.
Note: This is probably James Baker of the Ironworks family.

History of the Ironworks Baker Brothers

From our research the Ironworks Baker brothers removed from Carter Co, TN on “Little Doe” Creek first appearing in 1823 Campbell Co, TN. Harris Ryan sold George, James, William and Bowling Baker a parcel of land on the west side of Grants Creek which became known as “Bakers Forge”. Their father probably is William Baker or a James Baker but this is not proved at this time. Genetic testing in the Baker DNA project prove these Baker’s are not related to our Humphrey Baker family. They DNA match John Baker Sr and his son William Baker of the 1830 Claiborne Co, TN Census. At least two of the brothers moved to Missouri after 1840.

1.  JOHN “Jack” BAKER born 1780-1790 died ca 1845 Ray Co, MO md Barbary Heaton daughter of John Heaton in Carter Co,TN.
1830 CCT p 221 2/u 5, 2/5-10, 1/ 10-15,  1/40-50    fem   1/30-40
1840 CCT p 312 2/u 5, 2/5-10, 1/ 10-15, 2/15-20, 2/20-30, 1/50-60 (1780-1790)
fem 1/5-10, 1/30-40, 1/60-70

2.  GEORGE BAKER born 1797 -1805 died 1826 falling off his horse in Campbell Co, TN. He was the major stockholder in Baker’s Forge. He md Elizabeth Ryan. They had two children: George Washington Baker and Ewing Baker both of Campbell Co, TN. His widow md James Comer a stockholder in the Forge.

3.  THOMAS BAKER born 1790-1800 d unknown and md Unknown b 1790-1800
1830 CCT p 214  1/u 5,  2/5-10,  1/15-20,  1/30-40     fem   2/10-15, 1/30-40               1840 CCT p 199 1/5-10, 2/10-15, 1/15-20, 1/20-30,  1/40-50   fem  1/40-50,  1/80-90
Thomas Baker was guardian of his nephew Ewing Baker son of his brother George Baker.

4.  BOWLING BAKER b ca 1800 died 1864 Stone Co, MO, He married Mary Smith daughter of Ali Smith / Eli Smith of Campbell Co, TN. In 1839 Bowling was a constable in the 2nd District of Campbell Co, TN.
1830 CCT p 221 1/u 5, 1/30-40   fem  1/u 5, 1/20-30    1840 CCT p 299   3/u 5, 1/5-10, 2/10-15, 1/15-20,  1/40-50 fem  2/u 5, 1/ 5-10, 1/10-15  1/ 30-40
1850 Stone Co, MO.

5.  JAMES BAKER born 1790-1800 died unknown and md Unknown.          1830 CCT  p 221 1/u 5, 1/30-40   fem  1/u 5, 1/20-30
1840 CCT p 313 2/5-10, 2/20-30, 1/30-40 fem 3/u 5, 2/20-30
6.  WILLIAM BAKER born 1790-1800 d unknown md Unknown b 1800-1810             1830 CCT p 222   1/u 5,  1/30-40   fem    1/u 5,   1/20-30            1840 CCT p 300 3/u 5, 2/ 5-10, 2/ 10-15,  1/40-50     fem   1/10-15,  1/30-40 ,  1/40-50