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Milton E. Goins was born on 08 Dec 1847 in Whitley Co, KY. He died on 09 May 1926 in  Fletcher, Laurel Co, KY. Military Service was Civil War, Co. E, 32nd KY. Inf.. Height was 5 ft. 4 in..  Cause of Death was Pneumonia. Medical Condition was Fair complexion, blue eyes. Burial in  Steely Cemetery, Redbird, Whitley Co, KY. Milton was indentured to William Bluford White in 1853.  According to age given on grave marker,  Milton E. Goins was age 9 when he was indentured.  Using the same birth record, he had served  out his indentured time when he married in 1865.

Deed Book      page 617, Whitley County, Kentucky—Notes from Karen L. Cooper “This indenture made and entered into this 21st day of Feb. 1853 Witnesseth that John P. Tye as  clerk of the Whitley County Court in the State of Kentucky agreeable to an order of Court obtained  at the court held for the said county on the 21st day of February 1853 pursuant to an act of  assembly in that case made and provided hath bound Milton Goins as an apprentice to William B. White of the county aforesaid with the said William B. White to dwell continue and serve from the  date of the order until the full end and time of ___years from thence next ensuing and fully to be  completed and ended at which time the said Milton Goins will have arrived at the age of 21 years,  during all which time the said Milton Goins apprentice his master shall well and faithfully serve, his  secrets keep his lawful commands gladly obey and do, hurt to his said Master he shall not do nor  suffer to be done by others but of the same to the utmost of his power shall faithfully give notice to  his said master he shall not imbiggle(sic) or waste his said masters goods nor lend them without  his said masters consent to any at cards or dice or any other unlawful game. He shall not play  taverns or __ting houses he shall not frequent matimony he shall not contract from the service of  his master he shall not absent himself or depart without his said masters leave but in all things as  a good and faithful apprentice shall and will demean himself toward his said master, who in  consideration of the above undertakes to teach or cause to be taught and instructed the said  apprentice manner he can and shall and will also find and allow to the said apprentice good and  wholesome meat, drink, wearing apparel, washing and lodging and all other necessaries during  that time aforesaid, also to have him taught to read, write and common arithmetic including the  rule of three and give him a new decent suit of clothes a the  expiration of his term of service. In testimony whereof the said John P. Tye as clerk as aforesaid and the said William B. White  have here unto set their hands and seals day and date above written.” John P. Tye  Clk W.B. White

State of Kentucky  Whitley County Court
I John P. Tye clerk of the court aforesaid do certify that this indenture of apprenticeship between  John P. Tye as clerk afor’d & Wm B. White was on the 18th day of April 1853 produced in open  court examined and approved by the court and ordered to record.  Whereupon the same has been  done accordingly in my office. Given under my hand this 18th day of April 1853.

Milton E. Goins joined Capt. William B. White’s Co. E, 32nd Regt. Ky.  Inf. He says he enlisted at  Summerset (sic) on the 22 Dec 1862.  His record shows he was mustered in at Camp Burnside  April 15, 1862 as a Private. He was mustered out with the Company Aug. 12, 1863 at Danville,  Ky.  He was 5 ft 4 in. with blue eyes and light hair. He later received a pension and was last paid at the rate of $72.00 a month when he died in 1926.  His daughter-in-law Fanny Goins also received reimbursement for $135.00 in burial costs and the cost of transporting the body from  Laurel County where he had been living with them to Whitley County for burial.

At the time Milton E. Goins enlisted he was indentured to William B. White, the commander of his company. His age was questionable.  The born of 1847 as the 1850 census indicates he was just two weeks past his 15th birthday, which does give credibility to the “family stories” that he was 14 years old when he joined. He, of course, had to SAY he was 18 to be accepted, but doubtfully  his age would have been questioned as the Company Commander was his guardian. Milton  always claimed after that to have been born in 1844 – which was the age needed to enlist.  Company was made  up mostly of Smith “kin” including Milton E. Goins’ future father-in-law,  Dempsey Smith.
Milton and Sally lived all their married lives in Whitley Co, KY and raised their 9 children there. As far  as I have ever heard, he was a farmer. He never owned any land of his own as far as anyone knows (no deed found in Whitley County courthouse search), but must have always worked for others – probably relatives.  He and Sally lived for quite a while later in their lives in a small log house on the property of their son William Bluford (Blu) Goins at Fletcher in Laurel County, Ky  where he died.
Sarah Jane Smith is the daughter of Dempsey Smith and Judith Prewitt. She was born on 13 Apr  1847 in Whitley Co, KY. She died on 14 Dec 1917 in Rockhold, Whitley Co, KY. She was also  known as Sallie. Burial in Steely Cemetery, Redbird, Whitley Co, KY.
Milton E. Goins and Sarah Jane Smith. They were married on 26 Feb 1865 in Scott Co, TN.  Marriage by Dennis Trammell. They had 9 children.

1.   Mary Jane Goins. She was born on 18 Jan 1866.  She died around 1885/6.  Buried in Steely Cemetery, Redbird, Whitley Co. KY.  No marker.

2.  Julia Elizabeth Goins. She was born on 09 Oct 1868 in Whitley Co, KY. She  married George Washington Jones. They were married on 20 Oct 1885 in Whitley  Co, KY.  They had 7 children.  She died on 19 Mar 1959 in Harlan, KY. She was also known as Judy.  Burial in Steely Cemetery, Redbird, Whitley Co, KY.

3.  Dempsey W. Goins. He was born on 18 Aug 1871. He married Margaret  “Mint” Meadors. They were married on 09 Feb 1890 in Campbell, TN. They had 10 children. He died 1940 in  Whitley Co, KY. Burial in Steely Cemetery, Redbird, Whitley Co, KY.
4.  Lucinda A. Goins. She was born on 10 Apr 1874 in Whitley Co, KY. She died  Bet. 1896–1897. She married John Parker, son of James Parker and Polly. They had 2 children.  He was born Bet. 1857–1858 in Madison Co,  KY.

5.  John Crittenden Goins. He was born on 16 May 1877. He was married first to Mary A. Killion, daughter of Wm Killion.  They were married on 21 Oct 1900.  They had 2 children.  Molly died prior to 1909.  He married Minerva “Nervy” Cox on 6 May 1909. They had 6 children.  He died on 21 Apr 1951. He was also known as Critt. Burial in New Zion Church, S of Rockhold, Whitley Co, KY.
6.  Simon Calvin Goins. He was born on 11 Mar 1879 in Whitley Co, KY. He  married Mary Jane Creasy. They were married on 02 Dec 1904 in Jellico,  Campbell Co,TN.  They had 6 children.  He married Ada Lee on 12 May 1932.  They had no children.  He died on 06 May 1951 in Woodbine, Whitley Co, KY. Burial  in Davis Cemetery, Rockhold, Whitley Co, KY

7. Sarah S. Goins. She was born on 26 Apr 1883 in Whitley Co, KY.  She married James H. Elliott on 13 March 1902 in Knox Co., KY.  They had 5 children.  She died April, 1973 in Indiana.

8.  Milt M. Goins. He was born on 29 Apr 1886 in Whitley Co, KY. He married Minnie Jane Elliott., daughter of Frank and Julia Murray. They were married on 05 Nov 1904 in Jellico, Campbell Co,  TN.  They had 9 children.  He married Viola Carter Foley on 24 Dec. 1941. They had 2 children. He died on 17 Dec 1949 in Meadow Creek, Whitley Co, KY. Burial in Dowis Chapel Cemetery, Knox Co, KY. Occupation was Miner, according  to death certificate.

9.  William Bluford Goins. He was born on 22 Oct 1888, Whitley Co. KY.  He married Fannie Belle Israel on 8 Dec 1933 in Jellico., Campbell Co. TN.  They had 3 children.  He died 22 Oct. 1938, Knox Co. KY.

More information:
Canada Goins was born 18 April 1808 in Campbell Co., TN. The date of his birth is recorded in the Bible kept by his granddaughter Sarah J. Goins (Davis). This Bible is in the possession of Betsy Spice, Tallahassee, FL. He was the son of Isham Gons and his wife Susannah Bratcher Goins. Canada was named for his maternal grandfather Canada Bracher.

Canada married in 1826 or 27 to Rebecca, whose maiden name we have not been able to find in TN.

Canada and Rebecca’s first child, a daughter Jane, was born in June of 1828 in Campbell Co., TN. The 1830 Campbell Co., TN census shows the family of Canada Goins with 1 daughter “under 5 years of age”. This will be Jane Goins born in 1828.

Lorie’s notes: In this 1830 census, I cannot tell exactly where the location in Campbell County, TN is. It’s on page 225, but that’s all I can tell. Something interesting in this census though is on page 222. Wm Goin{s} who is a brother to Canada Goins, is listed as living 3 houses from a William Baker. Shortly after this census was taken Canada and Rebecca’s second daughter Lucinda A. was born. Her birth was 12 April 1830 in Campbelll Co., TN. These two daughters are the only children born to Canada that lived until an age that we could find them on a census.

In 1837 we find Canada “Goings” on the tax list in Whitley County, KY. Canada did not report that he owned any land or horses or cattle. It is assumed that he paid his poll tax in 1837, but reported no value at all for any other property that was taxable.

The family appears on the 1840 census in Whitley County, KY. This census shows them to have 1 daughter “age 10-15”. This is a census error. We have documented the parentage of both Jane and Lucinda Goins, and know them to be Canada and Rebecca’s daughters. We feel it unlikely that either Jane, age 12 or Lucinda, age 10 would be gone from home in 1840.

In 1840 Whitley County, KY tax list shows Canada Goins reporting that he owns 100 acres of land on the Cumberland River valued at $125. No further record of this property can be found. A Kentucky Land Warrant may have been issued to him giving him the right to survey this acreage to purchase. If this is the case, he assigned the Warrant to another person and did not survey and purchase the land. The Sec. of State’s office in Frankfort, KY holds theses land records. We have been informed by this office that they do not have an index that enables them to locate a Warrant under the name of the individual to which it was issued if that individual assigned it to another person. The Warrant would be included with the survey and grant of the individual who actually purchased the land and indexed under that individual’s name.

We do not have access in the published book that we own to look at the tax lists of 1841, 42, 43, or 1844. By the 1845 tax list Canada Goins does not report that he owns any land. In this year he does report that he owns a horse but no cattle. He reports that he has 1 child of school age (5-16 years). This would be his daughter Lucinda who was 15 years of age in 1845. His daughter Jane would have been 17 years of age and not included in this “school age” classification.

In 1847 Canada Goins enlisted to serve in the Mexican War. He was mustered in at Louisville, KY as a Private in Capt. Caldwell’s 3rd Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers which subsequently became Company K, 3rd Regiment of Kentucky Infantry. He stated at his enlistment that he was 38 years of age. He was mustered out of service 21 July 1848 at Louisville, KY.
Also serves in the Civil War for the Union Army at the age of 53. He was mustered into service 22 September 1861 at Camp Dick Robinson, KY. He served in Company G, 3rd Regiment KY. Discharged in 2 March 1863, Memphis TN “on the account of ill health”, he is found to be “too old and infirm for duty.”. However, Canada enlists a second time.

In 1850 Whitley County, KY census gives the family of Canada Goins, age 40, his wife Rebecca, age 38, their daughter Lucinda, age 20, and Franklin Rains, age 7, born in TN. No one is sure of the relationship of Franklin Rains to Canada Goins and family. There is more typed out about Franklin Rains and his life, but no one knows who he is or where he came from.

In 1850 Whitley County, KY census lists Jane Goins (looks like Garris or Gains) and her son Milton, age 3, living in their own household. Jane is living next door to Silas and Mary “Polly” Smith Gatliff and their family of seven children. Gatliff owned quite a lot of property and might have been considered more affluent than many other families in the area. It is possible that Jane supported herself and son by working or the Gatliff family.

On 1851 to 1854 Jane gave birth to her second child Dolphus V. “Dock” Goins. Descendants of Dolphus V. Goins have been told that his father was “a Ratliff”. There are no Ratliff families in Whitley County at that time and we believe the name should have come through the family as Gatliff”.

On Feb. 21, 1853 Jane indentured her oldest son Milton E. Goins to Wm Bluford White as an apprentice to “learn the trade of farming”. The indenture is recorded in Whitely County, KY Deed Book and we have a copy of this. It is possible that with her new baby, Dolphus, who was likely born prior to this time, that Jane was having a difficult time supporting herself and her children. Milton was only about 6 years old at the time of this indenture. This seems a little young to be of much help to White on his farm! This makes us wonder if Milton E. Goins father might have been White’s older brother Milton E. White. If this was the case Milton actually went to live with his uncle and aunt. William Bluford White never had children of his own and would likely have been quite happy to take his nephew to raise. The 1860 Whitley County, KY census tells us that White gave young Milton a “different” name. He is listed on the census as “James M. White”. There are two other “children” in the White household in 1860, Samantha Kennedy, age 11 and Lewis Perkins, age 17. These individuals are listed with the surnames of their family—but Milton is listed as a WHITE.

On Feb 4, 1860 Jane gave birth to her third and last child, John Crittenden “Crit” Goins. The 1860 Whitley Co., KY census shows Jane living in the household of Joseph (Josiah) and Elizabeth Stanfield Bolton and their 7 children.

Jane Goins children
1. Milton E. Goins born Dec. 8, 1846, died May 9, 1926
2. Dolphus V. “Dock” Goins born Aug.14, 1851{?} married Cynthia Lovett
3. John Crittenden “Critt” Goins born Feb 4, 1860 died May 17, 1939
Married Sarah “Sally” Jones