William Baker (b. between 1800 – 1810)

Born 1800-1810
Resided  Coffee and Franklin Co, TN

By Janet Baker Burks  jm@burksfam.net
March 2012

My ancestor WILLIAM BAKER was born between 1800 -1810 in either Kentucky or Tennessee His father and mother according to the 1880 Federal census of Franklin Co, Tennessee were both born in Kentucky but on the 1880 Federal Census it shows his birthplace as Missouri. Therefore, at one time his parents or relatives appear to have resided in Missouri.

William Baker married 1st Annie (last name unknown) circa 1828 in Tennessee. She was born between 1800-1810 and died after the 1850 census. Her children list place of birth on 1880 census as TN. It has been speculated Annie could be a Bryan, Curtain, Certain, Finch, Sartin or Stovall but at this time there is absolutely no proof of her surname. William and Annie had ten known children. The 1850 Federal census shows her name as Diannah but it could have been Suzanna or Hannah.

William Baker married 2nd FERIBY E. HOWARD on 7 Nov 1857 in Franklin Co, TN. William and Feriby Howard had eight children. Feriby Howard was the daughter of Robert HOWARD and his wife Frances A (last name unknown). Feriby Howard was born 1836 in Franklin Co, TN, and died Feb 1881 in Franklin Co, TN. She married 1st Matthew S. Swan son of Edward Swan Sr. in Franklin Co, TN and had no issue. At Feriby’s death her brother Dr. Thomas J. Howard of Pine Hill, Texas rode to the Baker home place and took her young orphan sons to Texas and raised them as his own. He left Feriby’s infant child in Franklin Co, TN where he was raised by Henry “Hack” Partin. Dr. Howard was a well respected Methodist preacher, Medical Doctor graduating from a Tennessee medical school, and farmer in Pine Hill, Rusk/Panola Co, Texas. He served in the CSA as a surgeon.

I found William Baker first appearance in the 1839 and 1840 Coffee Co, TN tax list. He resided in the 1840 Federal census of Coffee Co, TN next door to Rev. William Conn, William Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Abner Bryan [Abner Bryant] and Benton C. Stonestreet. The 1850 Coffee Co, TN Federal census in 12th District William Baker is next door to Rev. William Conn, John Wilson, Abner Bryant and David S. Long.

In Oct of 1845 a William Baker listed in a Coffee Co, TN court record appointed to a road work crew with John Willis overseer. From the Shelbyville road at Elizabeth Willis (widow of David T. Willis) to Bradleys Springs. Others in the road crew were John Howard, Mrs [Sarah] Howard’s hands (widow of William Howard) and all men on the north side of road from Frances Rich and sons, Willis McCraw and Ransom Hampton. It is not known if this is my William Baker or the other William Baker son of John Baker-Mary Gentle in Coffee Co, TN.

Around 1852 William Baker removed south across the Elk River into Franklin Co, TN.
In July 1854 William Baker applied for a homestead in 9th District on 147 acres of rich bottom farm land situated on the Elk River which he paid $500.00. This became known as the Baker homeplace. The 147 acres was adjacent to Rachel Herrod on the East, Daniel Finch on the North & South and James B. Stovall on the West. Rachel Herrod might be related to John Herrod who received 85 ac on Elk River in 1812. Daniel Finch born 1797 SC mother was Elizabeth. James Stovall was born 1771 Virginia then resided in Wilkes Co, GA before removing to Franklin Co, TN.

In August of 1858 William and wife Feriby Howard Baker sold their property to a neighbor James Madison Morris who was born 1802 in Madison Co, KY and married Unicey Bennett. Later in 1864 James M. Morris sold the Baker property to Abner Baker son of William Baker. The Baker property was then adjacent to George Thomas, Henry “Hack” Partin and John Wilder. Abner Baker sold the Baker property back to his father William Baker a few weeks before their deaths.

During the War Between the States it appears that William Baker was a Unionist. William names a son Ulysses S. Baker. William had two sons by his first wife named Samuel and Joshua who pledged their loyalty to the United States in 1863 after they joined the Confederate States of America. This follows family tradition of our Humphrey Baker DNA families who joined and supported the Union during America’s Civil War.

William Baker and his son Abner Baker in a questionable coincidence died within a week of each other, or perhaps even the same day, in November of 1880 on the Baker homeplace. When checking the 1880 Federal census county mortality schedule there were no epidemics or flu deaths reported in the county. At the time of his death William’s wife Feriby was pregnant with their last child Joseph Baker who was born the 16th of January 1881. Feriby was a member in good standing of the Alto Methodist Church which reported her death Feb 1881 in the church minutes but did not list the cause as childbirth. The William Baker home (photo in picture section of this website) was torn down after 1996 by the Morris family who bought this property from Thursie Partin’s estate but the old water well is still standing. A new house has been built since 2009.

William Baker and Feriby Howard Baker are buried on the Baker homestead behind their house now called “Baker–Partin” cemetery with rock sandstone markers. These stones at one time had hand written information now gone by time and weather. Two large stones appear to mark the location of William Baker and probably one of his sons or maybe a wife. William’s son Henry Porter Baker and William Baker are buried in the Baker section at the back of the cemetery. William’s son Joseph Baker is buried at the front in the Partin section behind Henry “Hack” Partin. Henry “Hack” Partin had the Baker land by 1881 and his descendants are buried in the cemetery with tombstones starting in that year.

The names of William Baker’s father and mother are unknown after many decades of genealogical research conducted by Janet Baker Burks, Verna Baker Banes, James “Pete” Baker and Calvin Dorris although our male family line does Y-DNA match the Humphrey Baker family group 5 in the Baker DNA project with FamilyTree DNA.

Known Descendants of WILLIAM BAKER
Generation No. 1

Children of WILLIAM BAKER and Annie (Unknown) are:
2. i. GEORGE THOMAS BAKER, b. 1829 TN; d. Bef. Aug 1852, Franklin Co, TN.
3. ii. SAMUEL BAKER, b. Bet. 08 Mar 1829 – 1831 ?; d. 14 Nov 1881, New Market, Madison Co, AL.
4. iii. WILLIAM G. BAKER, b. 31 Dec 1832,TN; d. Mar 1892, Coffee Co, TN.
5. iv. JOSHUA JONES BAKER, b. 18 Mar 1834, TN; d. 08 Feb 1917, Prairie Plains, Coffee Co, TN.
v. ABNER B. BAKER, b. 1839, Coffee Co, TN; d. Nov 1880, Franklin Co, TN. Abner Baker joined the TN 2nd Cavalry CSA, fought the entire war and surrendered 1865 in North Carolina. He is said he worked in Knoxville or Nashville for a time.
vi. JAMES BAKER, b. 1840 Coffee Co, TN; died before 1881. No further information.
James does not appear on the 1860 census. One James Baker joined the 32nd TN infantry, CSA but no proof he is this James Baker.
6. vii. ELIZABETH CAROLINE BAKER, b. 1843 Coffee Co, TN; d. 15 Sep 1886, Sharpsville, Rutherford Co, TN.
7. viii. RICHARD RUFUS ANDERSON “Dick” BAKER, b. 26 Mar 1844 Coffee Co, TN; d. 11 Oct 1918, Coffee Co, TN.
ix. MARY BAKER, b. 1845 Coffee Co, TN. No further information. Mary does not appear on the 1860 census and it is thought she died as a young girl.
8. x. HENRY PORTER BAKER, b. 1847 Coffee Co, TN; d. 09 Jan 1888, Coffee Co, TN.

9. xi. MANERVA ANN BAKER, b. 05 May 1859, Franklin Co, TN; d. ca 1939 ?
10. xii. DAVID FRANKLIN BAKER, b. 16 Feb 1862, Franklin Co, TN; d. 22 Sep 1940, Arp, Rusk Co, TX Death Certificate states 17 Sep 1940 Cherokee Co, TX.
11. xiii. ANDREW JACKSON BAKER, b. 06 May 1866, Franklin Co, TN; d. 23 Dec 1924, Anson, Jones Co, TX
12. xiv. ULYSSES S. BAKER, b. 06 Mar 1867, Franklin Co, TN; d. 07 Jun 1939, Panola Co, TX.
13. xv. MARION B. F. BAKER, b. 17 Mar 1871, Franklin Co, TN; d. 06 Nov 1949, Gregg Co, TX
14. xvi. ELIZABETH BAKER, b. 22 Feb 1874, Franklin Co, TN; d. Feb 1939, Tracy City, TN
15. xvii. SARAH “SALLIE” BAKER, b. 07 Mar 1878, Franklin Co, TN; d. 1946, Hamilton Co, TN.
16. xviii. JOSEPH “JOE” HOWARD BAKER, b. 26 Jan 1881, Franklin Co, TN; d. 03 Nov 1938, Franklin Co, TN.

Generation No. 2

2. GEORGE THOMAS BAKER was born 1829 in unknown county, Tennessee and died before Aug 1852 in Franklin Co, TN. He married ELIZABETH SWAN on 01 Jul 1848 in Franklin Co, TN by Nathaniel Wilder JP. Elizabeth Swan was the daughter of EDWARDSWANN Sr. and WIFE and the brother of Matthew Swan who married Feriby E Howard (William Baker’s 2nd wife). George Baker died soon after the 1850 census with Samuel Swan and widow Elizabeth Swan Baker Adm of his estate. It is not known where George Thomas Baker is buried. Elizabeth Swan was born between 1826 – 1829 in TN and died after the 1880 census location unknown. Elizabeth married 2nd Robert BRANNAN by 1852 in Franklin Co, TN. Robert and Elizabeth had a daughter Rebecca Brannon born 1854 and he also died soon after their marriage. She married 3rd Collin M. FARMER by 1861 and he died soon after their marriage.
George Thomas Baker is the ancestor of Judy Huber Email: judyhuber@compcor.com

i. GEORGE WASHINGTON BAKER, b. May 1849, Franklin Co, TN; d. ca 1906, OK; m. (1) MARY A. HANEY, 06 Jun 1869, Jackson Co, AR; b. 1850, TN; d. Died or Divorced by May 1882; m. (2) ELIZA JONES, 14 May 1882, Newport, Jackson Co, AR; b. 1862, AL; d. 1889; m. (3) ELIZABETH JANE SADLER, 28 Feb 1892, Woodruff Co, AR; b. Aug 1861, AR.

3. SAMUEL BAKER was born between 08 Mar 1829 – 1831 in unknown county, Tennessee although some census show Alabama and birth years differ in census. Samuel died 14 Nov 1881 in New Market, Madison Co, AL. He married ELIZABETH PARTIN 12 Feb 1852 in Franklin Co, TN, daughter of CARNEY PARTIN who was sister to Henry “Hack” PARTIN. Elizabeth Partin was born 09 Apr 1832 in Franklin Co, TN, and died 18 Jul 1902 in New Market, Madison Co, AL. In November 1861 Samuel joined the Confederate Army TN Company K 32nd infantry. On 4th July 1863 Samuel Baker deserted the CSA from Brown’s Brigade retreat from Wartrace to Chattanooga and on 9 July 1863 he went to the Union Provost Marshall and pledged allegiance to the Union (USA). By 1868 Samuel Baker resided with his wife and children in Madison Co, AL where descendants live to this day.

i. WILLIAM HENRY BAKER, b. 08 Apr 1852, Franklin Co, TN; d. Lived in Birmingham, AL
ii. MARGARET E. BAKER, b. 1855, Franklin Co, TN; m. J.M. PILANT (PYLANT), 02 Oct 1897, Madison Co AL.
iii. SARAH “SALLY” A. BAKER, b. 1858, Franklin Co, TN; m. NATHAN CRABB, 07 Mar 1897, Madison Co, AL.
iv. LUCY E. BAKER, b. 18 Aug 1860, Franklin Co, TN; d. 25 Oct 1883, Madison Co, AL. Buried Hurricane Cemetery
v. MARY JANE BAKER, b. 1864; d. 13 Apr 1868.
vi. CORA BAKER, b. 11 Apr 1868, AL; m. THOMAS POWER, 10 Jan 1891, Madison Co, AL.
vii. EDIE BAKER, b. 01 Nov 1873; d. 31 Mar 1903, Madison Co, AL; m. JAMES L. POWER, 20 Dec 1898, Madison Co, AL; b. 22 Feb 1874; d. 03 Jun 1950. Buried Cameron Methodist Church Cem, Madison Co, AL
viii. SAMUEL “BUCK” BAKER, b. 05 May 1875, Madison Co, AL; d. 08 Mar 1956, Madison Co, AL; m. EULA (ULAR) MCGHEE, 21 Jan 1903, Madison Co, AL; b. 30 Jun 1881; d. 31 Aug 1941. Buried Baker Cemetery, New Market, AL
ix. JAMES MARION BAKER, b. 04 Aug 1879, Madison Co, AL; d. 07 Jan 1946, Madison Co, AL; m. ELLIE HAMPTON, 24 Feb 1899, Madison Co, AL.
xi. NICEY BAKER, m. MR. HAMBRICK; d. Went to Indiana. No further information.

4. WILLIAM G. BAKER was born 31 Dec 1832 in unknown county, TN and died 14 Mar 1892 in Coffee Co, TN. He married SALINA COX on 20 Jul 1857 in Franklin Co, TN, daughter of David Cox and wife Margaret of Grundy Co, TN. She was born 12 Dec 1840 in TN and died 22 Nov 1880 buried in Baker-Partin Cemetery with a rock gravestone recently discovered. It is not known what the G stands for as his middle name. William G. Baker enlisted in Company C 23rd TN Infantry, CSA from Marshall Co, TN.

1870 Marshall Co, TN , Dist 7 p 91B, PO Farmington, TN
William Baker 44 Farmer TN
Salina Baker 30 TN
Mary Baker 9 TN
Caroline Baker 7 TN
Emily Baker 4 TN
Sarah Baker 1 TN

1880 Coffee Co, TN Page 98a
William G. BAKER 48 Farmer TN TN TN
Salina 40 wife Keeping House TN TN TN
Mary C. 18 TN
Henly D. 14 TN
Sarah F 10 TN
William H. 9 TN
David A. 7 TN
Kinnie D 3 TN
Nancy E. 6/12 TN

Children of WILLIAM G. BAKER and SALINA COX are:
i. MARY BAKER, b. Mar 1862 Coffee Co, TN; m BAILEY HILL 30 Aug 1901 in Coffee Co,TN; b 28 Jan 1839 Franklin Co, TN d after 1910 Coffee Co,TN the son of William Hill and Melinda Perry. Mary is buried Wileman Cemetery, Coffee Co, TN
ii. JENNIE BAKER, b. Mar 1866, Coffee Co, TN; d. 08 Aug 1933, Franklin Co, TN; m. GEORGE WILLIAM HILL, 11 Jun 1906, Coffee Co, TN; b. 14 Feb 1854, Franklin Co, TN; d. 18 Jan 1929, Franklin Co, TN the son of William Hill and Melinda Perry. Jenny is buried Hill Cemetery, Franklin Co, TN.
iii. SARAH FRANCIS “FANNIE” BAKER, b.6 Jun 1869, Coffee Co, TN; d. ca 1948, Franklin Co, TN; m. GEORGE WILLIAM HILL, 26 Aug 1894, Franklin Co, TN; b. 14 Feb 1854, Franklin Co, TN; d. 18 Jan 1929, Franklin Co, TN the son of William Hill and Melinda Perry. George Hill lived with Jennie and Fannie at the same time. Fannie is buried Hill Cemetery, Franklin Co,TN.
iv. WILLIAM “WILL” HENRY BAKER, b. 09 Sep 1871, Coffee Co, TN; d. 12 Sep 1945, Franklin Co, TN; m. ELIZABETH “ELIZA” J. HILL, ca 1892; b. 1875; d. 1952, Franklin Co, TN. Buried New Hope Cemetery.
v. DAVID A. BAKER, b. 1874 Coffee Co, TN; d after 1930 Rusk Co, TX; m CLAUDIA COX 27 Sept 1895 Lincoln Co, TN. Claudia b 1865 d Rusk Co, TX.
vi. KINNIE “KEN” D. BAKER, b. 04 Feb 1877, Franklin Co, TN; d. 12 Jul 1953, Perrin, Jack Co, TX; m. NANNIE ANN HILL, 03 Jul 1893. Buried: Perrin Cemetery
vii. NANCY “NANNIE” E. BAKER, b before 22 Nov 1880; m. GEORGE WILLIAM HILL. Note: George Hill married both Jennie ,Frannie and Nancy lived with them in the same house at the same time. George was the son of William Hill and Melinda Perry of Franklin Co, TN.
viii EMER BAKER thought to be a daughter buried in Baker Cemetery b 16 Apr 1863 died 22 Feb 1877.
Tombstone found in the Baker Cemetery by Janet Burks and Ken Baker June 2009.

5. JOSHUA JONES BAKER was born 18 Mar 1834 in unknown county, TN and died 08 Feb 1917 in Prairie Plains, Coffee Co, TN. He married MARY JANE FRANCIS BUCKNER 11 Dec 1871 in Franklin Co, TN, daughter of MARIAN BUCKNER and SARAHBRINKLEY. She was born 26 Jun 1857 in Coffee Co, TN, and died 13 Feb 1915 in Prairie Plains, Coffee Co, TN.
Joshua Baker joined the Confederate Army, TN Company K 32nd infantry on 4 February 1863 at Hawkerville by Lt. McFerrin. On July 1st 1863 Joshua deserted the CSA from Brown’s Brigade retreat at Wartrace to Chattanooga. On July 9 1863 went to the Union Provost Marshall and pledged allegiance to the Union (USA) along with his older brother Samuel Baker.

Death Notice of J.J. Baker in “Manchester Times”, Feb. 16, 1917
The man who hauled the machinery from Nashville to the old paper mill at Manchester is dead. J.J. Baker of Prairie Plains held the honor of helping to install the machinery which was one of the greatest industries of the state in its day. Mr. Baker was 82 years old at the time of his death and had suffered for several months from a chronic ailment. His death occasioned deep regret among a host of friends and acquaintances. He is survived by 12 children 6 sons and 6 daughters. The remains were buried Friday at Prairie Plains. Mr. Baker was one of the best town men in the county and was very popular in the community. He was one of the oldest men in this section of the state.
Descendant : Calvin Dorris website http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/7368/wbaker.htm.
Joshua and Mary are buried at Buckner Cemetery, Rutledge Hill near Prairie Plains Church, Coffee Co, TN with a gravestone.

Children of JOSHUA BAKER and MARY BUCKNER are:
i. SARAH Frances BAKER, b. 16 May 1875, Coffee Co, TN; d.3 July 1941, Rusk Co, TX; m. JESSE NATHANIEL WILDER, 27 Dec 1891, Coffee Co, TN; b. 1860, TN; d. 16 May 1942, Rusk Co, TX.
ii. SAMUEL MELCHAM BAKER, b. 06 Dec 1876, Coffee Co, TN; d. 21 Mar 1957, Franklin Co, TN; m. (1) 2ND WIFE; m. (2) CALLIE HINDMAN, Jan 1900, Coffee Co, TN; b. 17 Mar 1878, TN; d. 30 Sep 1918, Franklin Co, TN. Burial: Rutledge Hill Cemetery
iii. MARTHA REBECCA BAKER, b. 16 May 1879, Coffee Co, TN; d. 16 Jan 1975, Hillsboro, Coffee Co, TN; m. ARCHIBALD LEFFTRIDGE DOTSON; b. 16 Mar 1878; d. 23 Nov 1956, Hillsboro, Coffee Co, TN. Burial: Rutledge Hill Cemetery
iv. WILLIAM JAMES “WILLIE” BAKER, b. 06 Jan 1882, Coffee Co, TN; d. 24 Oct 1930, TN; m. MARY JANE CROWNOVER.
v. MARY JANE “MOLLIE” BAKER, b. 19 Apr 1884, Coffee Co, TN; d. 22 May 1967, Winchester, Franklin Co, TN; m. WILLLIAM M. HENLEY, 07 Aug 1904, Coffee Co, TN; b. 14 Jul 1873; d. 31 Aug 1951, Winchester, Franklin Co, TN. Buried Gum Creek Cemetery
vi. MARION EDWARD “JOHN” “ED” BAKER, b. 09 Sep 1888, Coffee Co, TN; d. 05 May 1979, Waco, McLennan Co, TX; m. (1) ORPHA CLARK, 1910, TN; b. 1893; d. 03 Nov 1927, McLennan Co, TX; m. (2) MARTHA LILLIAN AYERS, 07 Apr 1928, McLennan Co, TX; b. 1906; d. 20 Jun 1947, McLennan Co, TX. Buried: Chapel Hill Memorial Park. Orpha Clark buried: Crawford, PA. Martha Lilliam Ayers buried: Chapel Hill Memorial Park
vii. MYRTLE CORA BAKER, b. 06 Apr 1889, Coffee Co, TN; d. 07 Apr 1973, Morrison, Warren Co, TN; m. (1) JOHN FARRIS SHERRILL, 07 Jan 1906, Coffee Co, TN; b. 10 Apr 1877, Coffee Co, TN; d. 10 Apr 1940, Coffee Co, TN; m. (2) ED GILLIAM, Aft. 1940.
viii. LEONARD JONES BAKER, b. 14 Oct 1890, Coffee Co, TN (Twin to Trudie); d. 04 Dec 1982, Waco, McLennan Co, TX; m. OLLIE MELISSA CHANDLER, 23 Dec 1914, McLennan Co, TX; b. 26 Jun 1893; d. 17 Apr 1975, McLennan Co, TX. Buried Rosemound Cemetery
ix. GERTRUDE “TRUDIE” BAKER, b. 14 Oct 1890, Coffee Co, TN; d. 1938, Hillsboro, Coffee Co, TN; m. ALBERT ROPER; b. 1886; d. 1934, Hillsboro, Coffee Co, TN. Buried Hillsboro Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Coffee Co, TN.
x. HENRY BAKER, b. 06 Jun 1895, Hillsboro, Coffee Co, TN; d. 23 Dec 1950, Waco, McLennan Co, TX; m. BERTHA MAE PLEMONS, 28 Dec 1913, McGregor, McLennan Co, TX; b. 11 Aug 1895, Crawford, McLennan Co, TX; d. 15 Apr 1938, Crawford, McLennan Co, TX. Buried Crawford Cemetery
xi. HOBERT GARRETT BAKER, b. 12 Apr 1897, Coffee Co, TN; d. 23 Feb 1938 Sherman, Grayson Co, TX; m. IDA MELISSA WATSON; b. 17 Dec 1896, TN; d. 23 Dec 1981, Irving, Dallas Co, TX.

6. ELIZABETH CAROLINE BAKER was born 1843 in Coffee Co, TN, and died 15 Sep 1886 in Sharpsville, Rutherford Co, TN. She married GEORGE W. TAYLOR, SR. on 7 Feb 1857 in Franklin Co, TN, son of WILLIAM TAYLOR and SARAH TAYLOR. Sarah TAYLOR md 2nd William B. SWAN son of Edward Swan SR. George W. TAYLOR Sr was born 11 Mar 1839 in Franklin Co, TN, and died 28 Jan 1914 in Rutherford Co, TN. He married 2nd Mary Ann Duke on 10 Oct 1888 in Cannon Co, TN by Esq Monroe McMahan, JP.
Taylor research by Nancy Pullen.

1860 Franklin Co, TN
George TAYLOR 21 TN
Caroline 17 TN
James B. 1 TN

1870 Cannon Co,TN, Dist 4, 23 July, PO Woodbury, TN, p 145b
George Taylor 30 Farmer 00/ $200 TN
Caroline 25 Keeping House TN
James 11 TN
George 7 TN
William 4 TN
John 1 TN

1880 Rutherford Co, TN Census
p 337 Dist 21
George Taylor 48 Farmer TN TN TN
Elizabeth Taylor 36 TN TN TN
James 21 TN Farm Laborer
George 18 TN ” ”
Wm 13 TN ” ”
John 10 TN at home
Samuel 8 TN at home
Jesse 6 TN at home
Leland 2 male at home

i. JAMES BAKER TAYLOR, b. 18 Dec 1858, TN; d. Bet. 1897 – 1900, Rutherford Co, TN; m. CALLIE DAY; b. Jul 1857, GA.
ii. GEORGE W. TAYLOR, JR., b. 27 Jun 1863, TN; m. EMMA, ca 1886; b. Mar 1870, TN.
iii. WILLIAM A. TAYLOR, b. 03 Aug 1867; d. 19 Sep 1894, Rutherford Co, TN.
iv. JOHN T. TAYLOR, b. 21 Mar 1870.
v. SAMUEL R. TAYLOR, b. 08 Feb 1872.
vi. JESSE J. TAYLOR, b. 01 Jun 1875, TN; m. SUSIE MAY, 1892; b. Jul 1875, TN.
vii. J. FREELAND TAYLOR, b. 20 May 1878.
viii. SALLIE A. C. TAYLOR, b. 22 Aug 1881.

7. RICHARD “Dick” RUFUS ANDERSON BAKER was born 26 Mar 1844 in Coffee Co,TN, and died 11 Oct 1918 in Coffee Co, TN. Rufus Baker married SABRINA EMMA JANE THOMPSON 25 Nov 1867 in Franklin Co, TN, daughter of WILLIAM THOMPSON and CAROLINE SABINA. “Sabrinie” was born circa 1847 and died between 1920 -1930. Rufus and Sabrina are buried in Floyd Cemetery, Coffee Co, TN. Descendant: Ken Baker recently placed grave markers in Floyd Cemetery. In one census his name is listed as Robert Baker.

i. REBECCA CAROLINE ANNA BAKER, b. 27 Aug 1868 Coffee Co, TN d 2 Dec 1887; m.David FLOYD. Buried Floyd Cemetery, Coffee Co, TN.
ii. MARY ALICE BAKER, b. 1869; d. 1961; m. David W. TATE b 13 Sep 1868; d 21 Aug 1916. Buried Praire Plains Church of Christ in Coffee Co,TN
iii. WILLIAM “JIM” JAMES BAKER, b 26 Nov 1873 d 4 Mar 1952; m 20 July 1893 Cornelia Tuck. Buried Bethleham Cemetary in Prairie Plains Coffee County
iv. BRYANT BENJAMIN “Ben” BAKER, b. 1876 Coffee Co TN; d 28 Dec 1960 Lupton City, Hamilton Co, TN; m 3 July 1893 Nancy J. Hill in Franklin Co, Tn.
v. JULIA ANN BAKER, b. April 1879 Lincoln Co TN; d 28 Jul 1946 Madison Co, AL; m 7 Apr 1901 Coffee Co, TN to Joe E. Gothard b 1879 Coffee Co, TN d 4 Jan 1955 in Jackson Co ,AL.
vi. SARAH ELIZABETH BAKER, b. Nov 1881; d . Lived around New Market, Hazel Green Alabama; m. 14 Apr 1901 Franklin Co TN to Walter BIBLE.
vii. EMMA JANE BAKER, b. 7 Jan 1882 Coffee Co, TN; d 18 Dec 1903 Coffee Co, TN; m. Elisah BUCKNER 18 Dec 1903. Buried Baker Cemetery in Rutledge Hill, Hillsboro, Coffee Co, TN.
viii. RUFUS ANDERSON “RUFFIN” BAKER Jr, b. 25 Feb 1883, Coffee Co, TN; d. 15 Mar 1963, Franklin Co, TN; m. MARGARET Jane BRANNON, 20 Mar 1904, Franklin Co, TN; b. 04 Mar 1886, Franklin Co, TN; d. 29 Sep 1953, Buried Gum Creek Presy Church, Franklin Co, TN.
ix. FRANKLIN “FRANK” GEORGE BAKER, b. 09 Mar 1888; d. 28 Jan 1969; m 10 Jul 1909 PERNINA ELIZABETH TANNER; b. 4 Apr 1889; d 11 July 1961; Buried in the Rutledge Hill Cemetary.
x. Susan B. Baker b 12 Dec1890; d 12 Nov 1972; m Fordie W. PHILLIPS 23 Oct 1909 Coffee Co, TN; Buried Manchester City Cemetery, Coffee County.

8. HENRY PORTER BAKER was born 1847 in Coffee Co, TN, and died 09 Jan 1888 in Coffee Co, TN. He married MARY JANEWILSON 03 Sep 1868 in Franklin Co, TN, daughter of THOMAS WILSON and NANCY Stroud. Thomas Wilson was the son of William Wilson born circa 1780 SC/NC died 1854 and Nancy Fulton. Mary Jane was born 17 Dec 1849 in Pelham, Grundy Co, TN, and died 22 Apr 1932 in Speegleville, McLennan Co, TX. Henry P. Baker is buried at Baker Cemetery, Franklin Co, TN with a tombstone. Mary Jane Wilson Baker buried Rosemound Cemetery, Waco, McLennan Co, TX. Descendant: Verna Baker Banes

1880 Coffee Co, TN , 12th Dist Page 98a
Henry P. BAKER 30 Farmer TN AL TN
Mary J. 31 wife TN IL IL
William L. Baker 10 TN
Nancy A Baker 8 TN
James P Baker 5 TN
Henry P Baker 3 TN

Children of HENRY BAKER and MARY WILSON are:
i. WILLIAM LEE BAKER, b. 04 Aug 1869, Grundy Co, TN; d. 29 Aug 1951, Manchester, Coffee Co, TN; m. (1) OLA (ELLER) SPARKMAN, 16 Nov 1890, Coffee Co, TN; b. 09 Apr 1871, TN; d. 17 Jun 1900, Bedford Co, TN; m. (2) MARY JANE WALKER, 29 Dec 1901, Coffee Co, TN; b. 1875, TN; d. 1949, Manchester City, Coffee Co, TN.
ii. NANCY “NANNIE” A. BAKER, b. 19 Mar 1872, Coffee Co, TN; d. 21 Apr 1963, McLennan Co, TX; m. JOHN MOSHER, Bet. 1889 – 1890, TN. Buried Rosemount Cemetery, Waco, McLennan Co,TX.4
iii. JAMES K. POLK BAKER, b. 19 Sep 1874, TN; d. 03 Jan 1957, Whitney, Hill Co, TX; m. REBECCA ELIZABETH CAWLEY, 24 Feb 1897, Crawford, McLennan Co, TX; b. 20 Sep 1873, Crawford, McLennan Co, TX; d. 10 Sep 1957. Burial: Vaughn Cemetery, Hill Co, TX
iv. MARY BAKER, b. ca 1876, TN; d. TN died an infant.
v. HENRY PORTER BAKER, JR., b. 29 Jun 1877, Coffee Co, TN; d. 07 Apr 1960, Sewanee, Franklin Co, TN; m. (1) MARTHA EMMA PARTIN, 02 Sep 1902, Franklin Co, TN; b. 1885; d. 1983; m. (2) BESSIE T. WAGNER, 06 Feb 1904, Franklin Co, TN; b. 1887. Burial: Baker-Partin Cemetery, Alto, Franklin Co, TN
vi. LAURA BAKER, b. Jun 1880, Coffee Co, TN; d. 30 Dec 1948, TN; m. JAMES HARRIS WAGNER, Sep 1902. Burial: Baker-Partin Cemetery, Alto, Franklin Co, TN
vii. LUCY BAKER, b. 20 Dec 1882, Coffee Co, TN; d. 01 Feb 1888, Coffee Co, TN. Burial: Baker-Partin Cemetery, Alto, Franklin Co, TN
viii. MARTHA “MATTIE” BAKER, b. Oct 1883, Coffee Co, TN; d. 01 Feb 1888, McLennan Co TX; m. CHARLIE SCOTT. Buried Rosemount Cemetery, Waco, McLennan Co,TX.
ix. IDA BAKER, b. Aug 1888, Coffee Co, TN; d. 16 Aug 1951, Galveston, TX; m. JOHN MANGRUM, 1910, TN.

9. MANERVA ANN BAKER was born 05 May 1859 in Franklin Co, TN the first child of William and second wife Feriby Howard. She died circa 1939. Minerva Baker married GEORGE WILEMAN 03 Oct 1872, son of LEVI WILEMAN and MARY CLOYER. He was born 1859 in Coffee Co, TN. No further information. I am searching for descendants of Manerva Baker.
Please email Janet Burks at  jm@burksfam.net if you have information on this family.

1880 Franklin Co, TN p 118
George Wileman 21 Farmer TN TN TN
Minerva 20 TN TN TN
David M. Wileman 3 TN
Phoeba Wileman 3/12 TN

i. DAVID M. WILEMAN, b. 1877, Franklin Co, TN.
ii. PHOEBA WILEMAN, b. Jan 1880, TN.

10. DAVID FRANKLIN was born 16 Feb 1862 Franklin Co, TN, and died 22 Sep 1940 in Arp, Rusk Co, TX Death Certificate shows 17 Sep 1940 Cherokee Co, TX. He married SUSAN “SUDIE” FRANCES SMITH 20 May 1880 in Franklin Co,TN. She was born 09 May 1862 in TN, and died 21 Oct 1946 in Galveston, Galveston Co, TX. Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery near Joinerville, Rusk Co, TX

1920 Rusk Co, TX , p 50
79/86 David F. Baker 57 TN SC TN
Susie F wife 57 TN TN TN
80/87 Estell K. Baker (male) 25 TN TN TN
Essie Baker wife 24 TX GA TX
Ruby L. Baker dau 3 10/12 TX

Children of DAVID BAKER and SUSAN SMITH are:
i. OSCAR WILLIS BAKER, b. 16 Sep 1892, Franklin Co, TN; d. 23 Oct 1926, Jacksonville, Cherokee Co, TX; m. ANGIE MATTIE HENSON, 28 Nov 1909; b. 18 Jan 1892; d. 04 Aug 1926, Houston, Harris Co, TX. Buried Mt. Hope, Joinerville, Rusk Co, TX
ii. ESTELL K. BAKER, b. 22 Aug 1894; d. 10 May 1954, Galveston, Galveston Co, TX; m. ESSIE MAE. Buried Memorial Park, Galveston, TX
iii. WILLIAM LUTHER BAKER, b. 15 Oct 1896, Pine Hill, Panola Co/Rusk Co, TX town is on county line; d. 22 Apr 1974, Arp, Smith Co, TX; m. WILLIE MAGGIE PLOWMAN, 16 Jan 1915, Overton, Rusk Co, TX; 21 Aug 1896, New London, Rusk Co, TX; d. 1994, Overton, Rusk Co, TX. Buried Ebenezer Cemetery, Arp, TX
iv. OMALEE BAKER, b. 24 Aug 1898, TX; d. 01 Oct 1920, Anderson Co, TX (also have 1921); m. JESSE J. BREEDLOVE, 13 Jul 1912, Rusk Co, TX.

11. ANDREW JACKSON BAKER was born 06 May 1866 in Franklin Co, TN, and died 23 Dec 1924 in Anson, Jones Co, TX. He married MARY FRANCES JORDAN 16 Dec 1886 in Pine Hill, Panola Co, TX, daughter of DENNIS RIVERS JORDAN and SARAHBURNS. She was born 01 Oct 1870 in Talladega Co, AL, and died 22 Feb 1960 in Anson, Jones Co, TX. They are buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery. Descendant: Janet Burks jm@burksfam.net
See also Jordan website:

Children of ANDREW BAKER and MARY JORDAN are:
i. WILLIAM DENNIS BAKER, b. 03 Jan 1888, Pine Hill, Rusk Co, TX; d. 14 May 1965, Abilene, Taylor Co, TX, age 77; m. (1) BETTY INEZ LOPER, 24 Dec 1906, Jack Co, TX; b. 22 Feb 1889, Parker Co, TX; d. 03 Oct 1914, TX buried Lone Star Cemetery Parker Co, TX dau of Edward B Loper and Mary Katherine Harbison; m. (2) MARY EMMER HICKS, 24 Oct 1915, Anson, Jones Co, TX, age 88; b. 25 Aug 1897, McLennan Co, TX; d. 02 Jul 1985, Plainview, Hale Co, TX. Buried Mt Hope Cemetery, Jones Co, TX dau of Thomas Benjamin Hicks and Mattie Melvina Wood.
ii. CLIDA VELA BAKER, b. 15 Dec 1890, Pine Hill, Panola Co, TX; d. 06 Aug 1986, NM 96 yrs old; m. CHARLEY H. SCOTT, 24 Oct 1909.
iii. BENJAMIN “BENNIE” BURAN BAKER, b. 14 Jul 1893, Pine Hill, Panola Co, TX; d. May 1943, (internet has b 16 jul 1893 d 26 feb 1943); m. FERN TODD, 02 May 1915, Van Zandt Co, TX; b. ca 1898, TX.
iv. ANDREW RIVERS BAKER, b. 16 Oct 1895, Pine Hill, Panola Co, TX; d. 14 Jun 1932; m. DELAH WATTS, 24 Dec 1915; b. 20 Mar 1897; d. Dec 1978.
v. FANNIE ETHEL BAKER, b. 31 Dec 1897, Pine Hill, Panola Co, TX; d. 24 Jul 1995, Van, VanZandt Co, TX; m. TONIE ELLIS MCCLELLEN, 28 Nov 1914, TX; b. 24 Oct 1887, Canton, VanZandt Co, TX; d. 28 Oct 1957, Tyler, Smith Co, TX. Descendant Patti McClellen Haynes.
vi. JORDAN DAVY BAKER, b. 20 May 1902, TX; d. 20 Nov 1979; m. ROBBIE EUBANKS, 09 Nov 1921.
vii. HUBERT EDWARD BAKER, b. 18 Sep 1905, Jack Co, TX; d. 11 Mar 1906, 7 mths old, Jack Co, TX.
viii. HOWARD BURNS BAKER, b. 04 May 1909, Jack Co, TX; d. 28 Nov 1973, Abilene, TX; m. (1) RUBY JENNINGS, 16 Apr 1928; b. 11 Mar 1909, Johnson City, TX; m. (2) GLADYS MCCLEATHY.

12. ULYSSES S. BAKER was born 06 Mar 1867 in Franklin Co, TN, and died 07 Jun 1939 in Panola Co, TX. He married MARY”MOLLIE” LEE JACKSON 22 Jul 1885 in Rusk Co, TX. She was born 01 Jun 1866 on a boat Mississippi River or Texas and died 11 Feb 1932 in Panola Co, TX with parents both born in Georgia.

1910 Panola Co, TX p103a
Ulyses S. Baker 44 TN TN TN
Mary L 48 TX GA GA
Tomas E. Baker 22 TX
Annie M Baker 18 TX
Eula Baker 16 TX
Harriet T Baker 14 TX
Nona Baker 12 TX
Alton Baker 9 TX
Artea Baker 7 TX
Dellie Baker 5 TX

1930 Panola Co, TX, p 109, Prec 2, Trammell Trace Rd
Ulysess S Baker 64 Blacksmith, Owns shop, TN TN TN
Mary L Baker 66 TX GA GA
Arthur L Baker 26 son TX
Wanda A Baker 4/12 grandson TX

Children of ULYSES S. BAKER and MARY JACKSON are:
i. WILLIAM THOMAS BAKER, b. 13 May 1888, Panola Co, TX; d. 08 Oct 1963, Henderson, TX; m. THELMA MAUDE DILLEN; b. 01 Apr 1886. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery
ii. ANNIE MAE BAKER, b. 22 Apr 1892; d. 20 Feb 1985, Henderson, TX; m. ALBERT GORMAN; b. 19 Aug 1888, Decatur, Wise Co, TX. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery
iii. EULA LEE BAKER, b. 20 Mar 1894, Pinehill, TX; d. 25 Dec 1969, Henderson, TX; m. JAMES ROBERT MANSINGER, 16 Jul 1911, PineHill, TX; b. 24 Feb 1891, Pine Hill, Panola Co, TX. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery
iv. HORACE E. GREELY BAKER, b. 16 Jan 1896, Panola Co, TX; d. 16 Dec 1975, Livingston, Polk Co, TX; m. UNKNOWN AMBURN.
v. NONA EUNICE BAKER, b. 01 Jun 1898, Panola Co, TX; d. 08 Apr 1926, Timpson, Rusk Co, TX; m. CHARLES DANIEL DEFEE; b. 22 Oct 1868, Patroon, TX. Buried Baptist Church Cemetery, Pine Hill, TX
vi. ALTON GLEN BAKER, b. 09 Aug 1901; d. 01 Feb 1933, Bolssom Hill, TX; m. EMILY E. PARKER; b. 07 Sep 1905, Rusk Co, TX. Buried Baptist Church Cemetery, Pine Hill, TX
vii. ARTHUR LEE BAKER, b. 27 Sep 1903, Pine Hill, Panola Co/Rusk Co, TX town is on county line; d. 15 Feb 1985, Marshall, Harrison Co, TX; m. (1) UNKNOWN DEAN; m. (2) MURREL ROBERTSON, Dec 1928. Buried Garden of Memories.
viii. DELLIE RAY BAKER, b. 27 Oct 1905 Panola Co, TX; d 09 May 1993 Orange Co ,TX; m. Annie Bea POSEY 01 Aug 1925.

13. MARION B. F. BAKER was born 17 Mar 1871 in Franklin Co, TN, and died 06 Nov 1949 in Gregg Co, TX. He married (1) MOLLIE SMITH 26 May 1890 in Gregg Co, TX. He married (2) ETHEL JEWEL TAYLOR 08 Aug 1912 in Longview, Gregg Co, TX daughter of John Calvin Taylor and Flora Ann Jones. She was born 03 Apr 1894 in Gregg Co, TX, and died 06 Dec 1959 in Longview, Gregg Co, TX. Buried: Summerfield Cemetery near Longview, Gregg Co, TX.

1920 Gregg Co, TX p 152b
43/47 Marion BAKER 48 TN TN TN
Jewel 25 TX TX AL
Gilbert M Baker 5 TX
Emmett O Baker 3 3/12 TX

i. EDWIN F. BAKER. No further information

Children of MARION BAKER and ETHEL TAYLOR are:
ii. GILBERT MARION BAKER, b. 29 Sep 1914, Longview, Gregg Co, TX; d. 30 Jan 1980, Longview, Gregg Co, TX; m. EMMY JANE ONEY, Aug 1960.
iii. EMMETT OSBON BAKER, b. 25 Sep 1916, Longview, Gregg Co, TX; d. 28 Jan 1991, Longview, Gregg Co, TX; m. LULA BEE HUNTER, 07 Feb 1942, Longview, Gregg Co, TX.
iv. WARREN DENVER BAKER, b. 07 Aug 1920, Longview, Gregg Co, TX; d. 03 Jun 1978, Veterans,Hosp. Shreveport, LA; m. LEE LAPAJENKO, Beatrice, NEB.
v. ODEL BAKER, b. 13 Oct 1922, Longview, Gregg Co, TX; d. after 1998; m. THOMAS WILLIAM PHILLIPS, 09 Nov 1940, Longview, Gregg Co, TX.
vi. LYNVELL COLE BAKER, b. 21 Feb 1928, Longview, Gregg Co, TX; m. MARY FRANCES SHIPMAN, 18 Sep 1948, Longview, Gregg Co, TX.
vii. JOHN CALVIN BAKER, b. 24 Jul 1932, Marshall, Harrison Co, TX; m. MARY FRANCES WILSON, 03 Aug 1955, SC while in Air Force.

14. ELIZABETH ANN BAKER was born 22 Feb 1874 in Franklin Co, TN, and died Feb 1939 in Tracy City, TN. She married (1) UNKNOWN. She married (2) JAMES OLIVER 1901 in Grundy Co, TN. He was born 1871 in TN.
Descendant: James “Pete” Baker Email: mtsu33@yahoo.com


  • ELINOR “Leona” BAKER, b.Aug 1894 ;d 1991 m. Robert Arnold buried Tracy City Cemetery
  • Ruth BAKER b Oct 1894
  • Myrtle BAKER b Sept 1890

ii. GEORGE OLIVER, b. 1898.
iii. JAMES ELMER OLIVER, b. 26 Jan 1904; d. 15 Dec 1979, Tracey City, Grundy Co, TN.
v. MELVIN OLIVER, b. 1910.
vi. ALFRED OLIVER, b. 24 May 1911; d. 30 Aug 1996.

15. SARAH “SALLIE” BAKER was born 07 Mar 1878 in Franklin Co, TN, and died 1946 in Hamilton Co, TN. She married WILLIAM B. KEASLER in Chattanooga, TN. He was born 1869 in SC. His father and mother were born in Ireland, He died after 1930 in Chattanooga, TN. No known children.

1920 Hamilton Co, TN, Avenue E, Chattanooga, p 126 A
William B. KESLER 51 SC Brick Mason father born Ireland; mother born Ireland
Sallie wife 48 TN TN TN

16. JOSEPH “JOE” HOWARD BAKER was born 26 Jan 1881 in Franklin Co, TN, and died 03 Nov 1938 in Franklin Co, TN, 58 yrs old. He married ELEANOR LINDSEY 09 Sep 1905 in Franklin Co, TN dau of William Lindsay and Rebecca Oliver. Eleanor was born 1889 Franklin Co ,TN died 31 May 1943 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN buried Elmwood Cemetery. Joseph Baker is buried in Baker Cemetery with a tombstone behind Henry “Hack” PARTIN.
Please email Janet Burks if you have information on this family line.

i. REBECCA IRENE BAKER, b. Jan 1907 Grundy Co, TN; d. 07 Oct 1976 Memphis, Shelby Co TN; m. James Thomas DUNCAN.
ii. WILLIAM HERMAN BAKER, b. 08 Dec 1908 Grundy Co, TN; d. 12 Dec 1990, Coahoma, MS.
iii. GEORGE WESLEY BAKER, b. 14 Aug 1911 Memphis, Shelby Co,TN; d 4 Aug 1943 Oakville, Shelby Co, TN; m Mineola H. Holder 19 May 1928 in AR
iv. FRENCHIE ESTHER BAKER, b. 04 Jun 1913 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN; d 28 Mar 2007 Hamilton Co, OH; m LeRoy W Leggett 7 Sept 1929, m. Homer Ingram Bretherick. Frenchie is buried Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis, TN

I am searching for information and any descendants from the following Baker families.
Will be glad to share information. Please contact Janet Burks jm@burksfam.net

1850 Franklin Co, TN census:

9th District:  SARAH A. BAKER ( Sarah BAIN/Sarah BANE/Sarah BEAN) probable daughter of William WILEMAN) born 1803 GA widow of SAMUEL BAKER. Children:

  • Mary Ann Baker born 1830 TN
  • Nancy Baker born 1832 TN
  • Robinson Baker (female) born 1834 TN
  • John Baker born 1842 TN
  • Caroline Baker b 1850 TN
  • Francis Baker b 1852 TN
  • Salina Baker b 1853 TN
  • George Baker b 1858 TN
  • Susan Baker 1849 TN

Samuel Baker was born between 1800-1810 unknown location. Samuel Baker married Sarah Bane on 27th January 1828 by James Stovall JP in Franklin Co, TN. In 1830 Federal census Franklin Co, TN their neighbors were John Finch, Alexander Long, James Borin, Rachel Herrod, Simeon West, Edward Swan, Robert Howard and David Farmer. Samuel was a Private in Capt. Sanders Farris Company, Tennessee Mounted Vols, Indian Wars and died at Tampa Bay, FL on 27 April 1838. Sherrod Williams and Samuel Swan served in the same company. Sarah received a pension for Samuel Baker’s service in the Seminole Indian War while residing in Coffee Co, TN.
William B. Miles born 1810 NC is enumerated in the 1850 Federal census Franklin Co, TN census with Sarah’s household. In 1860 census she also has the following young children living with her: Caroline Baker born 1850, Frances Baker born 1829 (female), Salina Baker born 1843, George Baker born 1848, and Susan Baker born 1849. We are searching for descendants or knowledge about Samuel Baker, his wife Sarah Baker, their children, and other children listed in 1850 and 1860 census. I ordered a photocopy of her widow’s pension which states:
“State of TN I Wm E Taylor clerk of the county court of Franklin County in sd state do certify that an examination has been made in my office for the marriage license and bond of SAMUEL BAKER and SALLY BAIN, that the license cannot be found that a blank bond has been found, and is now in my office the back of which is the following words and to wit- Bond for license SAMUEL BAKER to SALLY BAIN [ i not dotted ] January 25th 1828 that the signatures and seals of SAMUEL BAKER and JOHN FINCH appear in the same and it is supposed by the undersigned that the clerk intended to write a bond on the signatures of said Baker and Finch but failed to do so. I further certify that I have seen a good many instances of the kind while examining in my office for marriage license and bonds, witness my hand at office this 21st day of March 1853 /s/ Wm E Taylor, Clk
Please email Janet Burks if you have any information on this family!
1830 Franklin Co, TN
p 68 SAMUEL BAKER male: 1/1800-1810  female 1/u 5(Mary Ann), 1/1800-1810 (Sarah)

1840 Franklin Co, TN Census p 62 MRS SARAH BAKER males: 1/5-10,  fem 1/5-10,1/10-15, 1/20-30 (1800-1810)

1850 Franklin Co, TN Census #989
Mary Ann Baker 20  TN
Nancy Baker 18 TN
Robinson Baker 16 female TN
JOHN Baker  8 TN 
WILLIAM B. MILES  40  Farmer  250  NC
1860 Coffee Co, TN  56a PO Manchester #806
SARAH BAKER 56 00/$150 GA can’t R/W (widow of Samuel Baker d 1838 FL in Indian War)
May (Mary) Baker 27 TN
Nancy Baker 25 TN
JOHN BAKER 16 Farm Hand TN
Caroline Baker 10 TN b 1850
Francis Baker 9 female TN
Salina Baker 7 TN
Susan Baker 1 TN

9th District:  MARY “Polly” BAKER born 1785 TN and died fall of 1857 in Franklin Co, TN. She is enumerated in the 1850 census household of ELIZABETH GIBSON born 1815 TN or AL. Elizabeth Gibson is widow of GREEN GIBSON (Green Gipson) died 1841 Franklin Co, TN.
Their children were:
Nancy J Gibson born 1838 TN married William DOSSETT
Mary Gibson born 1840 TN.
In 1854 Roland Morris was paid for housing Mary Baker a “pauper”. By January 1857 court date Benjamin D. Gibson (Benjamin D. Gipson) was paid $8.75 for the coffin and shrouding of Mrs. Mary Baker.
I am searching for all descendants and information on this family. Who is the husband of Mary Polly Baker and where did they reside?

1850 Franklin Co,TN p 81b, 9th District
Elizabeth GIBSON 35 TN
Nancy J 12 TN
Mary 10 TN
Polly BAKER  65  TN

1860 Franklin Co, TN p 15 ,9th District
1427 Roland MORRIS 48 Far 3,000/7365 TN son of Moses Morris
Margaret 41 TN
1428 Elizabeth GIPSON 44 00/290 born AL
Mary 19 TN
Sarah BANE 40 AL

1870 Franklin Co, TN p Dist 9
#335 William Dossett 37 Farmer 00/694 TN
Nancy [Gipson] 32 TN
Andrew D Dossett 12
Mary Dossett 9
Elizabeth Dossett 5
Sallie Dossett 2

1880 Franklin Co, TN census, Civil Dist 9 p 117b #69/69
Nancy [Gibson] 42 TN
Margaret Dossett 18 TN
Sarah J Dossett 18 TN
Nancy J Dossett 9 TN
Henry Dossett J 8 TN
ELIZABETH GIBSON 58 mother in law AL

14th District:
JOHN BAKER born 1795 TN died 1878 Moore Co, TN. John’s first wife was Miss Brazier daughter of Rev. Elijah Brazier, second wife was Cynthia Johnson Frame, widow of John Frame. Cynthia Johnson was the daughter of Benjamin Johnson (Rev War pensioner).
Known children were:
Mary L Baker b 1820 md Sion BRAZIER
Lucy Caroline Baker b 1820
Rosanna Baker b 1829 md Samuel COLE
A daughter md Mr. Chapman
Nancy Baker born 1835 md Mr. Barlet (Barlett)
Elizabeth Baker born 1836 md John FLY
Salina Baker born ca 1837 md William POWELL
JOHN BAKER born 1841
SAMUEL BAKER born 1843
HENRY BAKER born 1847
Sarah Baker born 1845 or 1849 md Henry M MATLOCK
GEORGE W. BAKER born 1849.

Please contact Janet Burks if you are a descendant of the above John Baker line or have information on this family.

1860 Coffee Co, TN Census:

6th District:
JAMES M. BAKER born 1828 AL
Mary (wife) born 1828 TN
James Baker born 1854

George Baker born 1856
Mary Lucretia Baker born 185
Virginia Baker born 1861
Fannie Baker born 1864
Roanna Baker born 1866.
In 1870 Coffee Co,TN census, 4th District, list James Baker’s occupation as a Blacksmith.

Who is the father of this James Baker? I am searching for all descendants and information for
this John M. Baker.

City of Tullahoma 1860:
CHARLES BAKER born 1796 TN Brick Mason
Cynthia b 1795 (wife)
Caroline Baker 1817
Elizabeth Baker born 1843
and Thomas Copeland born 1845 farm hand

1860 Franklin Co, TN Census:
6th District: BENJAMIN BAKER born 1815 TN wife Nancy born 1823 TN children:

Daniel Baker born 1840 married Martha BRANCH on 6 Dec 1865 Franklin Co, TN,
James Baker born 1845, Betsey E. Baker born 1848, Gemina A. Baker born 1857.
Who is Benjamin Baker’s father?

1870 Coffee Co, TN Census
P 61 . Manchester Dist 6
56/58 JOHN W. BAKER 27 Farm Laborer 00/100 NY (1880 born TN Coffee Co. p 90 )
Mary 33 TN (md Mary WEST 30 mar 1864 by Rev. James)
Elenor Jane Baker 9 TN
Mary Baker 3 TN
William Baker 2 TN
This John Baker was born 1843-1845 NY or TN and perhaps died 6 Jan 1916 Marion Co, TN .Mary WEST father was Jers/Jesse West b 1810 AL /Susanna b 1808 NC of Dist 6 Coffee Co TN 1860. They had Eleanor Jane in 1864, Mary b 1867, William 1868, Ransley Dock Baker.

Baker’s found in county records that are unidentified by me at this time:

1812 Tax list Franklin Co, TN: ABRAHAM BAKER
1812 Tax list Warren Co, TN: THOMAS BAKER

1820 & 1830 Franklin Co TN Census to 1834 ALEXANDER L. BAKER born 1780-1790 died
where? Alexander Baker resided near Nancy Purdom, I.H. Arnolds, Robert Sharp, Jonathan
Spyker, John Hopkins. Who is Alexander Baker?
If you descend from Alexander Baker please contact Janet Burks for more information.


1830 Franklin Co, TN Census:

1834 ROBERSON BAKER (male) R. H. Oliver, Andrew Webster

1836 DANIEL BAKER , resided Coffee Creek Road near Conrad HISE

1842 LEONARD D BAKER found on census of Davidson Co, TN
Thomas Hopkins, Adam Harmon, W.R. McDaniel

1845 DAVID BAKER, Thomas L Dennison

1849 ALFRED BAKER born 1800 NC

1850 R. B. BAKER female born 1835 TN