4 May 1713 – Born: Old Swinford, Worcester, England to William and Elizabeth Rogers Baker

29 Dec 1729 – Humphrey Baker of Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England, age 18 (really 16), signs as an indentured servant to serve 6 years in the colonies.

1730 – Spring, arrived in the Colonies

1733 – Found in household of John Beall, Prince George Co, MD.

1736 – Circa year Humphrey married wife Anna.

1737-1739 – Son Thomas Baker is born.

1739-1744 – Son John Baker is born.

1740-1745 – Son George Baker is born.

1735-1750 – Son Francis Baker is born.

1737-1742 – Humphrey joined a group of settlers led by John McDowell of the Benjamin Borden Tract in Orange Co. Virginia.

1742 – resided in Orange/Augusta Co,VA.

1742 – Humphrey was a member of John McDowell’s Company of Militia.

1743 – Humphrey Baker, Francis McCowen and Hugh Cunningham were witnesses to Benjamin Borden to John Car (Carr) deed.

1745 – Humphrey is frontiersman on Woods River (New River) a major Indian crossing on the river and across from the settlement of Indian trader Samuel Stalnaker.

19 Nov 1746 – Listed: road ordered from Adam Harmon’s to the River and No. Branch of Roan Oak with Adam Harmon, overseer, with these workers Geo. Draper, Israel Lorton and son, George Harmon, Thos. Looney, Jacob Harmon and three sons, Jacob Castle, John Lane, Valentine Harmon, Adren Moser, Humberston Lyon, James Skaggs, Humphrey Baker, John Davis, Fredk. Stering [Starnes] and two sons.

18 May 1750 – Humphrey bought property on western waters of Buffalo Pound Tract on Woods River deeded from John Buchanan, 100 acres.

1750 – Humphrey was Constable of Buffalo Pound-Draper’s Meadow.

1750 – Augusta Co, VA Jacob Goldman’s Will–Humphrey Baker is an executor along with Frederick Starnes.

18 Nov 1752 – Alexander and Wm. Sayers, Charles Sinclar and Humphrey Baker, appraised estate of Daniel Murphy on Reed Creek.

1752 – Removed to future Washington Co, VA on Stalnakers Creek (Bakers Creek now called Hutton Creek) middle fork of Holston River.

9 Apr 1753 – 436 acres surveyed for Humphrey Baker on Stalnakers Creek (Bakers Creek) now called Huttons Creek near the present town of Glade Spring. Humphrey Baker’s settlement was the farthest outpost of the frontier in America. Located past Stalnaker’s Indian trading post.

24 Nov 1753 – Road ordered from Saml. Stalnaker’s, on Holston River, to James Davis and Samuel Stalnaker to be overseer, with these workers James Davis and his sons, Frederick Carlock, David, George and Conrad Carlock, Frederick Starnes, Jacob and Adam Stalnaker, Jacob and Henry Goldman, Isaiah Hamilton, Hamilton Shoemaker, Timothy Coe, Humphrey Baker and son, George Stalnaker, Adam Andrews, Mathias Sarch, Michael Hook, Martin Counce, Jacob Mires.

1753 – Humphrey Baker cleared the first road from head of Holston to Stalnaker and the Baker settlement.

17 Jan 1754 – Son Rev. Robert is born per his Rev. War pension in what is now Washington Co, VA.

10 May 1754 – Humphrey Baker sold to John Bingamon Sr. 100 ac North side of Wood’s River.

Oct 1754 – Stephen Lyon, at Holston’s River, killed; John Goldman, at Holston’s River, killed; Benjamin Harrison, at Holston’s River, killed; Burk, at Holston’s River, prisoner escaped.

3 May 1755 – Shawnee Indians attacked the Humphrey Baker settlement and wounded daughter Mary Baker. “1755, May 3d.–MARY BAKER, at Holston’s River, wounded. June 18th, Saml. Stalnaker, at Holston’s River, prisoner escaped; Saml. Hydon, at Holston’s River, escaped; Adam Stalnaker, at Holston’s River, killed; Mrs.Stalnaker, at Holston’s River,killed; a servant man, at Holston’s River,killed; Mathias Counie, at Holston’s River, killed. June 19th, Muheal Honch (Houck), at Holston’s River, killed.” This drove the settler’s back to the New River area and over the Blue Ridge.

Nov 1755 – Humphrey SR moves his family to what was then Bedford Co, VA area after the Indian attack and is appointed Constable of Bedford Co,VA.

1759 – Humphrey BAKER Augusta Co. VA Rank: Captain, French and Indian War.

1767 – Humphrey SR returned age 56 with his family to his property land in what was then Botetourt Co,VA would be future (Fincastle Co, VA) Washington Co.VA The gap in Walker Mountain to the North Fork of the Holston was called Bakers Gap but is now known as McCall Gap.

18 Mar 1767 – On petition of Frederick Starnes, Isaac Job, Thomas Grayson, John Bell, Henry Skaggs, Joseph Hix, John Draper, George Baker, Joseph Hord, Levy Smith, Erasmus Noble, Samuel Peffer, James Coudon, Edmund Vansell, Humphrey Baker, Anthony Bledsoe, James Newell and Alexander Page, viewers appointed for a road from Vanse’s, by Ingles’s Ferry, to Peak Creek, on north side New River, viz: James Neeley, Philip Love, Wm. Christian, Wm. Bryans.

1770 – Botetourt Co, VA Tithables list Humphrey and sons Thomas, John, George.

1771 – Botetourt Co, VA Tithables list “Humphrey and son Robert”, John Baker and George Baker.

1773 – Son Thomas Baker signed petition of Ebbing Spring Church on the Middle Fork, Washington Co, VA, other names on petition were James Dysart and Robert Buchanan.

1774 – Thomas Baker, John Baker, George Baker, Rev. Robert Baker -sons of Humphrey Baker all served in Dunmores War from Fincastle Co,VA.

1774 – Son Thomas Baker was granted land near Sinclair’s Bottom.

1774 – Son George Baker was granted land at Bakers Gap which adjoined his father’s land. Later owned by John McCall.

1775 – Son Francis Baker was granted 88 acres on a fork of Bakers Creek, branch of Thompsons Creek, waters of the middle fork of Holstein River. On a high ridge above Bakers corner….corner to Robert Buchanan and Joseph Buchanan …on a spur of Walkers mountain. Francis sold this to William Burch who in turn sold to Nicholas Starns by 1781. This property is adjacent to the Humphrey Baker survey on NE side.

1776 – Thomas Baker and brother George Baker signed the Fincastle Co, VA petition in 1776 which resulted in the formation of Washington County, VA.

1776-1781 – During the American Revolution Humphrey Baker’s settlement became a marshaling area for public stores during the Revolution.

1782 – Tax rolls of Washington Co, VA list George Baker and his younger brother Rev. Robert Baker in James Dysart’s District, Humphrey Baker and son John Baker & Alexander Baker in Aaron Lewis District.

11 Nov 1783 – Robert Baker granted 50 acres adjacent his father Humphrey Baker on Bakers Creek,VA treasurer warrant, also adjacent John Kirk, David Beattie, & Walker.

1784 – KY – Humphrey Baker and/or Thomas Baker with Azariah Martin. ” In April 1784, in a company with Samuel Estill, Harris Massie, John Woods, William McCreery and several others, among the others being Humphrey Baker, Colonel Estill, Alex Reid, Benjamin Estill, Benjamin Cooper, Braxton Cooper, Sharswell Cooper, Patrick Woods, Charles Shurley [Shirley], Higgason Harris, Daniel Hancock and Jesse Noland, went in pursuit of an Indian Camp, near the mouth of Station Camp Creek [Kentucky], and pursued the Indian trail up said creek, across the Red Lick Fork, for some distance.” Madison Co, KY History & Genealogies by W. H. Miller, 1906.

1787 – Last time Humphrey Baker SR is found on tax roll in Washington Co, VA

1787 – Son Thomas Baker resided Madison Co, KY per tax rolls of Thomas Miller Dist.

1788 – Son Rev. Robert & George Baker reside in Greene Co., TN.

1788 – Humphrey and Anna sold their 1753 survey on Baker’s Creek to John Hatton (Hutton) Sr.

1789 – After Humphrey sold his land in Washington Co. VA he moved to Madison Co. KY to the home of his eldest son, Thomas Baker.

1790 – KY Surveyed for HUMPHREY BAKER, 449 acres of land entered the 26th day of March

1790 – KY Surveyor Record recorded 1792 from the land office of the commonwealth of VA.